Open since 1996

Preschool and

Long Day Care


Family owned

Suffolk’s aim is to promote your child’s overall development in a safe,

caring, and stimulating environment The Centre’s current program

and it’s daily routine are both displayed in the Centre.


The program has been designed to incorporate children’s interests, &

the learning experiences planned for individual children, into the

program for the whole group. Staff observe and complete developmental

records on a “focus” child and from these observations, specific

objectives are set for each individual child. The next week, follow-up

is programmed in for further development.


It is believed children acquire self esteem by being able to choose their

own play activities. Sharing and co-operation is encouraged. The activities

generally offer a choice of painting, collage, drawing, playdough,

books, puzzles, manipulative toys, dramatic play, block play, science

experiments, cooking, gardening, carpentry, sand/water play and gross

motor activities.





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You can ask for the Parent Handbook

at the manager's office.


Suffolk Children’s House is a privately owned Pre-School and Long Day Care Centre, licensed with the Department of Education and Communities for 23 Children, 2 to 6 years.


Provider No. 555 003 667K

We believe positive experiences in a child’s early years give a solid foundation to the child’s life. Children need to be valued and listened to, given an opportunity to play, experiment, discover, problem solve,

and learn about themselves and the world around us.


It is a fact that children learn more in their first 5 years of life than in any

other 5 year period.



In the 19 years the present owners have been at the Centre, they have been reviewed 5 times by the National Childcare Accreditation Council and on each occasion have been awarded "HIGH QUALITY". Since the implementation of the Early Years Learning Framework, the Centre is working towards National Quality Standard.


The Program


Pre-School and Long Day Care Centre



Provider No. 555 003 667K

17 Clifford St Suffolk Park 2481

(02) 6685 3678